We want to provide seamless and unified experience for all of our users across different platforms. We started with Alexa as it is the most distributed platform for smart speakers. Our next goal is to make a release for Google Assistant. 

Platform Speaker Status
Alexa Amazon Echo, Sonos Done
Google Assistant Google Home In progress
Siri Apple HomePod Idea
Cortana Harman Kardon Idea


Right now Plum Head supports a basic functionality required to read feeds. We are planning to add more premium features which will be available by subscription. If you have an idea in mind on how to improve Plum Head, please contact us.

Feature Status
Feeds directory Done
Reading feed items Done
Reading site content In progress
Adding new feeds from voice app Idea
Social sharing Idea
Reading list Idea
Playing podcasts Idea
3rd party integration Idea
Screen (i.e. web) reader Idea


We support most popular formats used to build feeds.

Format Status
RSS v.1 Done
RSS v.2 Done
Atom Done