User: Alexa, Open Plum Head.
Alexa: Welcome back to Plum Head, your personal feed reader. What would you like to do?
User: List my feeds.
Alexa: You have two feeds available: one - Tech Crunch, two - The Verge. What feed would you like to read? Say number.
User: Reed feed number two.
Alexa: Reading feed number two, The Verge. There are following items. Plum Head is launched for Alexa. Would you like to read it or go to the next item?
User: Read it.
Alexa: We are so excited to anaunce that Plum Head, an RSS Voice Feed Reader is launched for Alexa on July 24th after couple of months of development...
Alexa: Say "next" for the next item or "repeat" to repeat this.
User: Alexa, exit.

Plum Head is an Alexa skill that allows its users to listen to their favorite RSS feeds on Amazon Echo devices, which can be done in different life situations like driving a car, taking a bath, or chilling on a sofa.

Our team is going to launch Plum Head for more platforms like Google Home or Apple HomePod. Our ubergoal is to provide seamless and unified experience for users to interact with websites, search, and navigate through them. Plum Head was born as an RSS voice reader which will eventually become a screen reader for the smart speakers.